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  • Accommodation - where overnight travel requires sleep away from home
  • Accountancy and tax agent fees
  • Bus washing - not reimbursed by employer
  • Compulsory uniform - identifies you as an employee by its logo, style or type and is compulsory for you to wear it. If not compulsory the uniform must be registered.
  • Depreciation - refrigerator for meals on overnight travel, CB radio
  • Laundry & drycleaning of protective clothing or uniform
  • Licence endorsements premiums
  • Meals - if a travel allowance paid
  • Insurance - tools, equipment and personal accident
  • Sleeping bag - for overnight travel
  • Stationery - logbooks
  • Protective clothing - wet weather gear, sunglasses, sunhats, sunscreen
  • Professional association or union fees
  • Seminars & conferences, field days and driver training courses

Please keep all your receipts

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