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Purchase or selling a business

It is not unusual for a business purchaser to find themselves substantially down the path of an acquisition, and then realise there are key issues which were not contemplated earlier.

The implications of these ‘surprises’ can range from being a temporary nuisance, through to having a disastrous impact on the goodwill and value of the business. As such it is always a good idea to keep an adviser ‘in the loop’ throughout the process.

As Chartered Accountants, Struck Accounting Co should be used as we have dealt with numerous business purchases. We can help ensure the goodwill - which the buyer pays good money for - is protected.

Call in and talk to Graeme to discuss issues including: Key staff, customers, stock, intellectual property, accreditations, compliance certificates, etc.

For an initial FREE appraisal on the viability of purchasing or selling a business, please contact us or telephone Graeme Struck on 555 13 777.