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Did You Know

  • You may be able to claim travel to and from work if you carry job related bulky tools such as ladders, shearers back harness, grinders,etc.
  • A truck driver or shearer can claim expenses for their working dogs
  • Self education expenses are deductible if the course maintains or improves your skills for  your current employment.
  • Wage earners can claim Income Protection Insurance premiums. 
  • You can claim our costs and travelling expenses to see us.

At our office we have a range of brochures that list claimable deductions for many occupations, whether you are a Building Worker, Machine Operator, Shearer, Teacher, Police Officer, Retail Sales assistant, Hospital employee, or Truck Driver. 

Most standard wage earners will have a few deductions …
are you missing out on something you should be able to claim ???

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