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Your Business Plan

A business plan should be prepared whenever you are considering starting a business or when you are reviewing your current business position. What will it show you is the feasibility of a new business and to meet financing requirements, where your existing business is currently at, or give you a starting base for a forecast and how best to achieve your targets.

Your business plan is like a road trip. How do I get to my destination, what mode of transport, how long should it take, and how much does it cost to get there? The concept of a business plan is no different, just a bit more sophisticated and with more research and development.

The development of a business plan for your business should not exceed a three month time frame and once complete, should be monitored on at least a six monthly basis.

Your plan may need to be simple or complex, but the four key elements are:

  1. Cost of Production
  2. Labour
  3. Finance
  4. Marketing

We take the commonsense approach to developing your business plan with you. For a FREE appraisal on your business plan, please contact us or telephone Graeme Struck on 555 13 777.