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Business Taxation

The taxation system in Australia is very complex with layers of taxation at both the State level and at a Federal level. From a State tax level for business, you need to consider the following:

  • Stamp Duty on land transfers (conveyancy)
  • Land Tax on value of certain properties
  • Workcover levy on employees
  • Payroll tax on larger payrolls

On a federal level, the taxes are more vast and far-reaching. The most common federal taxes include:

  • Income tax on individuals, companies, and super funds.
  • Capital gains tax on the sale of certain business and personal assets
  • Medicare levy & medicare levy surcharge. A flat tax rate on individuals
  • Fringe Benefits Tax on employers for certain employee benefits.

In reviewing our clients’ overall tax position, we make recommendations that best suits each respective client and implement fresh strategies that legally minimises the exposure to both State and Federal taxes.
We are pro-active with our strategies. Our recommendations are straight forward and understandable to each client. With a strong team of qualified accountants that are backed up by a skilled and well-organized support team, we are at the forefront of taxation issues.
Your taxation position and operating structure is reviewed on an annual basis, to ensure you are maximising wealth creation and minimising all forms of taxation.