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  • Accountancy and tax agent fees
  • Car expenses -  travel between two separate workplaces
  • Compulsory uniform - identifies you as an employee by its logo, style or type and is compulsory for you to wear it. If not compulsory the uniform must be registered or occupation specific clothing ie. checked pants worn by chefs
  • Gaming licence
  • Insurance - tools, equipment and personal accident
  • Laundry & drycleaning of protective clothing  or uniform
  • Licences & certificates
  • Meals - if an allowance has been received
  • Professional association or union fees
  • Protective clothing - aprons, non-slip shoes, sunscreen
  • Self education - must be related to current work.
  • Stationary
  • Seminars & conferences, field days and training courses
  • Telephone - calls relating to work & telephone rental when on call
  • Tools & equipment eg. chefs knives

Please keep all your receipts

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