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Public practice accounting has many facets. These include super trust funds, bookkeeping, taxation planning, PAYG BAS preparation, company tax, primary production income, dividends, foreign income, business development, strategic planning and estate planning.

At Struck Accounting we have adopted a point of contact system where our team works together with individual team members specialising in various aspects of the accounting practice.

This gives you great benefits. For instance;

  • You acquire a cluster of professionals that are familiar with your business
  • Your questions can be answered whenever you need them answered
  • You have specialist advice, at call.
  • You receive outstanding services with our finance broking and investment service providers.

It's like having your own personal accounting team at your fingertips and means no waiting around for a return phone call at some later date. Whilst Graeme still supervises all clients, he encourages you to get to know who your team is.



Struck Accounting is not about corporate fees or a corporate image,

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